Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Song!!

Working on new song about equal rights!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


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Monday, March 9, 2009

New Song: Calling the Nation - Livin off the Land..

New song "CALLING THE NATION" Livin Off the Land.....

Here's the link to hear the song:

I got my bag hung over my back
My moves aren’t known - I’m livin’ off the land
Have you been out – seen what’s goin’ down
If we keep rippin’ – there’s no means in livin'

Di’ja ever wonder what life is about
Should we squander – or stand up and shout
We’ve only got one chance in this life
Should we trust humanity insanity

We take a bite without any care
It’s not a right – even though we’re all here
The ice is melting – heat on the ground
Endangered Species – are lost and are found

Let’s get on down and pick up the mess
A revolution - that’s up to the task
The least we can do – is not stop and wait
A balanced planet – is our caretaker’s fate

Everyone! We’re – calling the nation!Yes there’s still a chance – survival’s getting thin
Everyone! We’re – calling the nation! We’re heading towards the ground – unless we turn it around
Everyone! Line up with the nation!You can’t man it – don’t want to take it for granite
Everyone! Come join the nation! Spinning round and round – only got one chance till the earth breaks downEveryone!
We’re – calling the nation!Yes there’s still some hope – survival’s coming inEveryone!
We’re – calling the nation! Let’s launch it forward bound – until we turn it around
Everyone! Line up with the nation!If we all plan it – then all of us take part in the planet Everyone! Come join the nation! Moving round and round – let’s prevent the earth from breakin’ down

Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Song on the Homeless!!

We finally got our song, "Where Will You Sleep Tonight" on the homeless recorded. We are going to make our video soon. The words are below, here is a link to the song:

Maybe you’d like to know what it’s like to live the world’s longest day
For one, just block out all memories of the past – I’m here to say
There is no useful training preparing us to make it here on the streets
Yeah its dirty, and its dark and as dangerous as it seems…

I walk about, see who stares at me
They’re all around, just them and the lonely life they lead
Government paranoia – Vets who can’t pay the rent
Property damage – Beating the battle in their mind
Bleeding hearts – Cold flesh in the winter nights
Where will you eat tonight
Where will you sleep tonight

Now what’s it to you, if my homes outside and yes it’s cold
And it’s where I hide, you know they’re right when they say I’m a beggar
At least I have my pride, the money you gave me won’t go to waste
It’ll keep me and my kids alive, our future could see better days

I walk about see who stares at me
They’re all around just them and the lonely life they lead
Back alley dumpster garbage – Kids who can’t experience
Improperly managed – fighting the demons in their lives
Open wounds – No food in the winter nights
Where will you eat tonight, Where will you sleep tonight

Accept the kindness of strangers, Often – I get your hatred too
I know that I’m despised, I know that you’re afraid but I am too
What if you were me, What if I was you
Can we switch and see, Would it change your view

Recording New Song!

We had such a busy week. We finished our song on the environment called "Calling the Nation". We are recording it today. We found out about a contest that is looking for things that people have done to help the environment. We're going to enter our song. We are going to be calling on you to bring attention to it. We need your help!

As soon as we have it up, we'll post a link.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Article in VegNews!!

Hey Everyone,

We have an article in VegNews! We had a great time with this one! Meilissa did a great job on the piece. Check out the rest of their site too, there is some great stuff on there!

Vegan rockers Truth on Earth take on the world’s troubles one tune at a time.
Serena, Kiley, and Tess—who, channeling Cher, use only their first names—are like most teen sisters. They listen to rock music, hang out with friends, and love vegan chocolate-chip cookies. Oh, except that music they’re listening to? Their own ‘60s and ‘70s-inspired soulful tunes. And those friends? Legions of fans at the trio’s concerts. The cookies come courtesy of Kiley, who in addition to her rockstar responsibilities, has a sweet baking business on the side. Truth on Earth, their band, is dedicated to raising awareness of myriad global injustices and uses their position to encourage others to take action. With songs on topics ranging from starvation to factory farms to cyber bullying, there’s no doubt these ladies are super-serious about their mission. VN recently caught up with the trio to talk music, morals, and must-have vegan items.

VegNews: What projects are you currently working on?
Serena: For the past year, all of our time has been devoted to writing, recording, performing, networking, doing interviews, podcasts, music videos, keeping up with our superstar fans, and linking with organizations that are actively working to solve the problems we sing about. Whenever we are on the road we also try to learn as much as we can about the problems the world faces and the potential solutions we can promote through our mission.

VN: What is it like being in a band with family members?
Tess: Being in a band together is one of the coolest things we’ve ever been a part of. We get along really well because we are best friends. We have each other to lean on and to discuss all our ideas together. Finding practice time is easy because we are always together. It’s a fantastic experience and one that has connected us for life.

VN: You often mention that you were influenced by Gandhi’s beliefs. What drew you to Gandhi to begin with?
Kiley: We feel very fortunate that our parents educated us early on about Gandhi’s philosophies and the practice of spirituality. Gandhi saw that every living creature on Earth was important, and he worked diligently towards expanding peace and reducing violence on the planet. Some of the things that drew us to him were the immense amount of courage and strength he had and the millions of people he influenced with his unique organized method of non-violent protest. We find it incredibly inspirational that one little man accomplished so much and made such a huge difference in the lives of so many.

VN: You donate 70 percent of your profits to charity. Do you have a favorite organization you’d like to share with us?
Serena: One of our favorite organizations is Animal Acres. They have a farmed-animal shelter in Los Angeles where they bring in animals that were abused, saved from slaughter, or have no home. We also really like The Anti Defamation League, Seal Action Protection Group, Vegan Peace, Humane Teen, Action Against Hunger, and Mercy For Animals.

VN: What vegan food could you not live without?
Serena: Silk Chocolate Soymilk
Kiley: Tofu that I make with a variety of Asian sauces
Tess: Kiley’s pies and cookies

Visit Truth on Earth online, on MySpace, and on Facebook.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Music Video on Starvation

So much is going on with the band, it is very exciting! Our second music video was just finished. This one is on world hunger and starvation. Here is the link to our homepage video in high res:

If you want a bigger pic/lower res, go to youtube:

Tell us what you think....